Wednesday, February 20, 2013

color burst

dress: Prabal x Target, jacket: J. Crew, boots: Shoemint, bracelet: Forever 21

I haven’t worn a dropwaist dress since probably around kindergarten, but knowing that the 20s are sort of all the rage now, when I saw this Prabal x Target version I just had to see if it would work on my figure.  Is it the most flattering for a bustier girl?  Probably not, but how can I care when it’s just so easy and unfussy to wear?  I know, calling this print ‘unfussy’ is pretty ridiculous, but if there’s one thing I am positive of about this dress it’s that 5 year-old me would love it!


  1. this dress is gorgeous!! I love the pattern!
    Kisses from Milano
    Have a great day!

  2. love the dress and love the print!

  3. i knew from the thumbnail that this had to be PGxT, but i've never seen this dress before! i keep trying to rock the drop waist dress and it does not work nearly as well on me as it does you. jean jackets 4 lyfe.

  4. That dress is SO cute on you, I love the colors!

  5. That dress is stunning on you. Love the print.

  6. in love with that dress! i didn't look good on me but you rock it! xo

  7. This outfit is amazing! I love the colourful dress with the jacket. I just found your blog and I'm your newest follower, you have a beautiful blog! I Would love it if you had the time to check out my blog and follow me back :)


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