Saturday, February 16, 2013

bra talk

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Let me tell you, deciding to blog everyday in February and having to essentially start facebook/twitter/instagram from the ground up at work has left me a little bit burnt out on social media.  The moments of my day where I normally stop and maybe take a picture of something or think of a witty tweet (as if that ever happens) have all been devoted to work-related things.  So in the spirit of keeping up with my blog, I’m sharing with you a couple of the little pictures I took during work today.  Forgive me for killing two birds with one stone.

We sell a lot of lingerie and swimwear, the top photo is an adorable Stella McCartney set that’s kind of mind-blowingly expensive, but really the route you want to take if you’re going to invest in something nice.  And if I’ve realized one thing while working at this job, it’s that bras are kind of like shoes and handbags in that they’re used so much more often than all other items of clothes.  So, especially if you’re chesty, why wouldn’t you invest?  If you need the support it’s almost a utilitarian purchase, like running shoes or a winter coat.

Though for you lovely ladies on the opposite end of the chest-spectrum, you luck out in that you can wear adorable bralettes that are always so incredibly soft and don’t contain all the industrial trappings that us bigger busted girls need.  Maybe it’s a case of grass-is-greener syndrome, but I swear bralettes are always the cutest.  We just got in those Splendid bras up there and I’m so tempted to buy them and just wear them to bed or on the weekends or something.  {Tip: Buy bralettes with your band size in mind more so than your cup size since you want the elastic to be snug, as it’s the only support.}

Also, I ate candy today.  And way too many girl scout cookies.


…Okay, wow.  This was just a quick, little easy post and I’ve already written a novel.  Apparently I know too much about bras!


  1. As I'm a very chesty girl I've found that I MUST spend money and invest in good bras. That first one.... wow. So pretty.

  2. I can not find a comfortable bra for the life of me. I'm totally thinking the bralette grass is greener.

    Chic on the Cheap


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