Thursday, February 14, 2013

5 things on this day of love

1.  I totally cleaned the Toluca Lake-area out of all the tagalongs for the night.  Sorry townspeople/you’re welcome Girl Scouts.

2.  All day I worked on updating our social media and it’s a weird mix between not feeling like you’re working at all and feeling completely exhausted by all of it (and all that’s left).  So if you’re curious here’s our facebook, twitter and instagram (mom, probably the only person who’s interested).  If you were to officially ‘like’ any of them, I would probably die of euphoria.

3.  8 years ago, my friends and I were grouchy seniors, really not feeling this holiday, just hanging out at my parents’ house.  We were watching TV and stumbled across a channel playing Fatal Attraction.  And thus a tradition was born.  Happy Fatal Attraction Day!

4.  Do you actually have plans this evening?  Like faaancy plans?  I was never in the running for girlfriend of the year anyway…

5.  Hey James!  Thanks for, you know, hanging out with me and stuff.  It’s pretty cool.  And I like your face.


{picture of us on Route 1, though this is still my favorite one}


P.S.  Did you think this was going to be about love?  I’m so sorry to have wasted your time!


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