Tuesday, January 15, 2013


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In my recent internet travels I’ve stumbled across a few photos of the Chloe Susanna boot and, though I’ve seen them pop up here and there before, I think it’s safe to say that I’ve fallen hard for them.  The low-heeled, stripped down Western boot with its ability to add a bit of edge to any outfit is already a love of mine, but only just now has its studded counterpart found a way into my cold, dead heart.

I hypothesize that this new-found attraction is in part because I’m only just now coming to terms with the fact that my hair is longer than a pseudo-pixie cut and I can formally lift my self-imposed androgynous/edgy dressing ban (despite my best efforts, I never had what it took to pull that look off, I always feared I looked like a boy with manboobs).

Either way, the Chloe boots are firmly planted in that aw hell no-realm of wishful thinking seeing how they cost more than my rent… for several months.  Basically I’m flabbergasted that any of the people in these pictures can even afford them.  I mean, really, what has Kate Bosworth even done recently?  Save yo’ pennies, girl!

However, I did unearth these beauties from our beloved fast fashion mecca priced to move at $39.80:


I mean…





Also note: as I mentioned in this post, I’ll be switching the blog over to a new address on Thursday. Gird your loins (or adjust your feeds ;)!


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