Friday, December 21, 2012

Sans people.

James flew home for Christmas earlier this week and took Nomar with him.

My roommate’s been working crazy-late overtime.

So basically this guy and I have been holding down the fort:

photo 2

Neither of us are really thrilled with the predicament and I’m pretty sure both of us will be even less thrilled about it come Saturday (yay for air travel with cats, said no one ever).


I did make a dinner tonight that in no way involved cheese.

photo 3

It may or may not have been the first time this week that that’s happened…

I also had a random good hair day today, which never happens to me… so maybe the world is about to end?  Either way, I say screw it, no washing my hair tonight!


Oh yeah, and Troy and I have been bonding because, seriously… what else is there to do?

Pretttty much looking forward to midnight Saturday when I hopefully touch down in Boston, because living sans people means watching way too many episodes of The Office, eating far too many processed cheese products, and slowly but surely going insane.

{It also means taking pointless pictures and making the most pointless posts… apparently.}


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