Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree


So after three years of living in California and never really getting into the Christmas spirit until we land in New England sometime very close to Christmas day, we decided that maybe we should get, you know, a tree.  I might be stating the obvious here, but: best decision ever.

Between some ingenuity on James’s part and one very fruitful trip to the dollar store, I’m pretty proud of all the accoutrements we were able to get together.  I think it looks damn fine!  Unfortunately my camera lens is a little tight when it comes to indoor shots, but I assure you that it looks fantastic (well… for first timers).

Of course while we were perusing the ornaments the other night, I decided that James and I needed our official first ornament together.  So rather unceremoniously we picked out this snowman dude and called it a day.  However, the real thing I hope to treasure for years to come is the angel that James is currently working on.  Once it’s done I think it will be pretty badass (or super dorky… depending on how you roll).  More on that later.


Oh and also, there’s always this:


One Cat to ruin them all.


  1. yes, christmas trees are the best things ever - the smell, the twinkling lights. they make any space better. yours looks great!

  2. i think getting a tree was a wise choice, and it looks beautiful.

  3. I like it... getting a tree is definitely a good idea.


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