Thursday, November 15, 2012

So this is how I feel about today…

photo (2)

I'm writing to you positioned most awkwardly in my bed, propped up with an array of pillows placed just so to support my pissed off neck/back. I woke up at the ever-charming 4 o'clock hour this morning with a pinched nerve somewhere in that neck/back region.  It's my second ever pinched nerve, but let me tell you, as much as your second pinched nerve sucks, it sucks a whole lot less than your first pinched nerve (which is basically just you resisting to scream "WHAT THE F*** IS GOING ON?!" while being almost certain you are either going paralyzed or have contracted meningitis).

Fun times for everyone (sorry James).

Then around the 8 o'clock hour I had a very This-Is-Your-Life, Melina moment where I realized that I wasn't ill or contagious and was in slightly less pain than earlier and therefore I probably should be a responsible adult and go to work because, really, the work will just be there, piled up, tomorrow if I don't.  And suddenly I was struck with that odd clarity you can only get when you're sleep deprived and feeling miserable.  Welcome to adulthood.  Have fun making all those decisions you don't want to (like forcing yourself to enjoy kale).

So that's what I've got for you today in startlingly unoriginal insights.  The good news is I finally got a hard drive to transfer all my photos onto, which in turn will hopefully make it easier to upload new pictures and maybe, just maybe, I won’t have to bombard you with subpar iphone images of myself looking glum (actually I was bored to tears while my roommates played hours upon hours of Halo).

But hey, tomorrow’s Friday and we’re having Thanksgiving Part I this weekend, so it’s not all bad!  Not too shabby at all, actually.


  1. Aw! I'm so sorry, I hope you feel better soon!

  2. that sounds super miserable. i hope you feel better tomorrow and you get to enjoy your weekend and thanksgiving pt. 1!
    Chic on the Cheap

    1. Thanks! I'm sure it will work itself out by the weekend. Positivity!

  3. I hope by this point you're feeling better lady. I've dealt with pinched nerves before and they BLOW.


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