Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Inklings of Fall


The skies were overcast today!  Which is one of the most exciting things that’s happened here recently.


That’s a lie.  There have been lots of things happening around here recently.  Red-eye flights back to New England to witness friends getting married, ridiculous flights back where I maybe shed a few tears over Brave while I simultaneously tried to hide it from the person sitting 3 inches away from me, friends visiting from out of town and inviting us to brunch atop fabulous WeHo hotels, beach trips (okay just one… but the first of the year… sadly)!

However, it is a little exciting that Los Angeles decided to potentially catch-up with the cool kids and give us a little fall weather.  Obviously by fall weather I mean low-70s and grey skies, but I’m just glad we’ve left the oppression of the sweltering hellhole that this city decided to turn into during September.

Should you find yourself lacking in the true trappings of this glorious season, might I suggest a couple things? 1. An ‘autumn’ scented candle.  2. Throw on a cardigan at even the slightest hint of chilly weather.  You might be a little hot and the candle probably won’t persuade the weather to cool down even more, but at least you’re getting in the spirit of things!

Frame of mind, people.  That’s where the magic happens.


  1. love that cardigan! and yes, my candles have been lit the minute i get home.

  2. I have been burning my candles a LOT these past few days!

  3. I would happily take your low 70s. There is talk of frost here over the weekend, which displeases me. It is so much easier to dress for fall when you are pretending it's cold than it is to dress for fall when it is actually cold.
    I.E. wearing pants with a pair of pumps and no socks. If it is 50 degrees out, not wearing socks is not very fun. In fact, I have my thick cozy socks on right now and my toes are still cold.

    But anyway, sounds like you've had a busy month - I've missed you!

    Chic on the Cheap

  4. Oh I am having NO trouble knowing it's fall, it's in the 50's here with crunchy leaves EVERYWHERE. I just don't want it to get any colder, I am not in the mood for snow.

  5. In love with your blog and so I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award :D
    For more info you can check out my lattes post.
    x Mariana

  6. fall is also for me 'candle era' as I call it;-)


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