Friday, September 7, 2012

Cape Cod // I’m still alive!

Oh hello!  Guess what, I’m still around.  I didn’t take a permanent vacation (though that sounds wonderful, doesn’t it??), just haven’t had much motivation to post or edit or write beyond what I do at work.  But alas, here I am with a few of my favorite photos from my time on Cape Cod.

CapeCod (4 of 9)CapeCod (2 of 9)CapeCod (1 of 9)CapeCod (6 of 9)CapeCod (8 of 9)CapeCod (5 of 9)CapeCod (9 of 9)

{1. Obligatory flower picture.  2. Pretty glasses/vases.  3. Love that Cape siding.  4. Ahh, nightly walks along the beach… if only that were an everyday thing.  5. Potentially my favorite picture of my cousin aside from a very similar one of her from when she was a toddler.  6. More beach!  7. Some adorable cards I picked up in the shops}

Here’s hoping with the fall (hah, please, California? Can we have fall weather someday?!?) I can find a bit more inspiration and maybe, possibly, potentially post a little more.


  1. I was wondering where you went! Cape Cod sounds amazing!

  2. whats a vacation if you aren't vacationing from the computer as well?
    glad you are enjoying the east coast!
    Chic on the Cheap

  3. these are beautiful pictures - glad you had such a nice vacation.


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