Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Fairy Bread, Moo Points & Other Ramblings

08-07-2012 (1 of 1)

I saw this on my Pinterest feed and immediately knew what I was doing upon arriving home from work. I would venture out into the wall o’ heat and visit my beloved 99 cent store (I almost wrote 99% store there) and buy some bread and a cookie cutter (which they didn’t have so I improvised) so I could make some adorable little nutella sandwiches to eat while I caught up on Doctor Who.

Nutella is starting to grow on me a little, but I totally would have used peanut butter if I hadn’t polished off the last jar over the weekend. Don’t even get me started on how sad it is to think that I’m the only person who really eats peanut butter in our household and we regularly buy those double-pack giant jars of them at Costco… No really, let’s not think about the implications.

Instead let’s behold David Tennant’s impeccable hair.

8-07-2012 (3 of 3)


I really should be doing laundry. But then again, isn’t that the story of my life?

Also this week we moved into our new office.  In Van Nuys.  It’s a really lovely office with tons more space, but let’s do a comparison of today in Hollywood versus today in Van Nuys.


Again, I shall say: Lordy.

I battled it with four water bottles, which involved me drinking under great restraint as everybody else drinks about 1.3 water bottles a day by my quick data analysis.

photo 3

I usually bring in a glass to drink from due to my herculean need for hydration; however our water dispenser hasn’t been set-up yet. We also don’t have a recycling bin yet, so don’t worry, I brought them home with me and recycled here (you were terribly worried, I know).

Though the recycling is probably rendered moot due to the fact that I spent the whole day in air conditioning. Ugggghhh.  Sorry Earth.

Let’s end on a happier note and since the word ‘moot’ always reminds me of this, here you go:




  1. Looks like... season three opener? Love that hair, haha.

    and your sandwich, looks adorable. I'm going to make this for my sister, i think she'll flip since she both adores nutella and rainbow sprinkles.

    1. It was one of those episodes in between seasons 4 & 5. Which makes me sad because he's almost done!

      And I guarantee your sister will love them! :)

  2. Replies
    1. It's the best! Always makes me so happy! :)

  3. i love Joey. he cracks me up every time!


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