Sunday, July 29, 2012

Spend or Save: Colored Ballet Flats


{J. Crew vs. Old Navy}

James and I wandered into our local Old Navy and they have stocked up on some really cute things for the ladies!  Personally, I love their flats, so when I saw a cheap pair of ballet flats I couldn’t resist.  Granted I’m sure comparing the quality of these versus the J. Crew flats is like comparing apples and oranges; however, for a fun color, I personally would rather save.

What are your thoughts?

*All Old Navy flats need to be broken in that first wear so pack those band-aids specifically made for blisters!  Afterward they’re super comfy in my experience.


  1. when i comes to shoes i would rather splurge so i can have them for awhile then save. just my personal opinion! but both are super cute!

    1. That definitely makes sense! Though I would go for a more classic/neutral color if I were to splurge on shoes so they could be more versatile/not go out of style. :)

  2. I'm not a J. Crew fan in general so I'd go with Old Navy.

  3. I love your Spend or Save theme! I'm with you on the Save!

  4. I just stumbled across this blog..But I like it!;) so great!

  5. I would say Spend... I like them more and good quality shoes always make a difference in the long term, plus they are more comfortable in mores cases :)

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