Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mint Stripes

mint jeans: Target, striped sweater: Forever 21, shoes: Zigi Soho, belt: J. Crew, jewelry: Forever 21/Flea Market

I almost feel bad posting this because I know that in many parts of the country there is oppressively humid heat going on, but our string of high-90s days broke and since the office still has the A/C on full blast… well, this is what I wore… I apologize if it’s offensive to you!

Anyway, that little hiatus was quite lovely. I needed a couple weeks just to be. Also to watch massive quantities of Doctor Who and coin the phrase “By the freckles of David Tennant!” only to never find a real life scenario in which to use it. Such a shame, that is. Regardless, now I feel so full of life and recharged. Ready to tackle things like organizing my bathroom sink area, which has plagued me all day.

You know you’re ready to re-enter your life as a productive being when you spend all day suddenly freaked out that your sink is disorganized in the most unholy of ways. This must be what my mother feels like all the time (only her version of disorganized and mine differ quite significantly).


  1. Oh I am just so jealous of how cool it is for you! It's 110 here in Kansas and by noon I have to change out of my cute clothes into ones that can get sweaty just walking home!

    1. Eek, that's SO hot! Though if it makes you feel any better, it's hottest here in August and September... So I'm sure our suffocating heat is waiting just around the corner.

  2. I like your blue on blue Melina! Your outfit looks really fresh and chic!:)

  3. love this outfit! although i do think wearing it down in the subway on some of these hotter than hot days would be quite hard.

  4. I am so thrilled that we're only supposed to get to 80 today - I'm finally able to shut off my A/C for a day. Is it fall yet?

  5. Awesome outfit! I love it! Great pants! :)

  6. I absolutely love the mint jeans.. i've been looking everywhere for similar ones! they look great. :)

  7. amazing outfit, love mint color! :)


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