Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wherein I sing the praises of the Maxi Skirt.

MaxiSkirt (1 of 4)MaxiSkirt (4 of 4)MaxiSkirt (1 of 1)

cardigan: thrifted, skirt: Old Navy (similar), t-shirt: Gap, belt: J. Crew, scarf: vintage, watch: Fossil, shoes: Old Navy

It has come to pass that on Monday and Friday mornings, my most rushed of mornings, I reach for my maxi skirts.  So even though today is Wednesday (some weeks I make it a three-for and wear one on Wednesday too!), I cannot help but profess my love for my latest sartorial crutch.  After all, any item of clothing that keeps me cool, but allows me to maintain my winter leg-shaving-schedule is a-okay in my book.

If I ever find myself writing copy for a maxi skirt, that shaving bit will have to work its way into the description.  Right before I get fired, I’m sure.

Anyway, right now it is grey and cool out and there is a box of mac & cheese that is just screaming my name from the cabinets.  I kind of feel bad, so I should probably go out there and make it.  It’s the courteous thing to do.


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