Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wake Up Call

top: Aeropostale; skirt: Tobi (similar); diy glitter boots: Aldo (similar); belt: Charlotte Russe (similar); watch: Fossil; sunglasses: flea market (similar); bracelets: F21, Bohemian Spirit Jewelry; rings: mother’s, F21

An hour before my alarm went off this morning I was awoken by the building-wide fire alarm and, you guys, I just totally love being woken up that way. It’s much more effective than my shitty little phone alarm and, hey, it wakes up James too, so, buddy time!

Oh no wait, I don’t love it. I actually think that Satan giving birth to razor-demon-babies would make a more pleasant sound than our building-wide alarm. It’s the type of screeeeeeeetch that gets inside your head and makes your spine hurt. I legitimately think I have brain damage for about ten minutes after it finally turns off.

And naturally afterwards I’m always on edge because what makes it go off?? Surely this time it’s a real fire and how the hell am I going to detach my cats from the inner-workings of the couch without them going for my jugular (because this experience was obviously my fault in their eyes, I’m sure)?

But, hey, with a start like that you can only go up! So the rest of the day actually wasn’t so bad.


  1. great look! i am loving your skirt with your boots! so cute!

  2. the glitter booties and the mint pleated skirt, together, in one outfit! what could be better?
    and that fire alarm situation sounds wretched.

  3. Ugh, fire alarms are lame. But your skirt? Super cute!


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