Friday, May 11, 2012

That one time when I was taking outfit pictures on the roof…


cardigan: Lilly Pulitzer, dress: Forever 21 (similar), shoes: Old Navy, belt: J. Crew, necklace: Forever 21, watch: Fossil

Today I bounded into my apartment all caffeinated and “Lucy, I’m home!” to the reaction of no one. Nope, wait, there was a cat sitting there with his leg in the air, mid-way through some tummy cleaning, who kind of cocked his head to the side all, “Why do you even exist when you’re not feeding me?” …But that was not the boisterous reaction I was looking for.

As I threw my things no where in particular, I remembered that James had a meeting and my roommate was probably at the gym or reading Faulkner or doing something else that makes me feel like a waste of human space. So I grabbed my camera and decided to go do something. Maybe blog related? Maybe some outfit pictures?? Gasp!

Obviously I went up to the roof as that is the only place I can indulge in this shameful behavior [generally] without interruption. And as I was up there, but what did I see??

Helicopters (1 of 2)Helicopters (2 of 2)

Ohhhh nothing. Just the PRESIDENT going off to hang with GEORGE CLOONEY in his cavalcade of helicopters. It’s basically the same as going to the dinner. So guys, OMG, I totally went to the Obama/Clooney dinner and it was awesome! I wore a striped dress and the President picked me up via helicopter on my roof.

I also caught the final, dramatic seconds of the Celtics game. It’s interesting how 9.3 seconds is really 15 minutes in basketball time.

Damn, that’s a lot of things for one night.


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