Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Pants Have Got It


white chambray shirt: Forever 21, jeans: Target (similar), shoes: Land’s End Canvas (similar), belt: Forever 21, bracelets: gift/F21

Hello, hello.  How was your weekend?  Too fast?  I know, it happens.  I wore my really bright pants though… so there’s that.  Unfortunately I didn’t get to see my mother because 3000 miles is a lot of miles for a weekend trip and ho-ly crap have you seen airfare prices recently??  It kind of makes my head hurt.  Sometimes I wish I could just sort of accordion up the middle of the country so that long weekend road trips back home were possible.

Or you know we could move.  But the accordion idea is definitely much more practical.

Oh good god, look at the time.  There is a plethora of dishes begging me to clean them before I sleep… so I guess I should go do that…

***End of Pointless Post***


  1. love those pants. and the shoes. i always forget about lands end canvas, and i feel like i need to remember it more often.

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  3. ok Girl:-) after browsing through your blog I am saying: I LOVE it!!!great outfits expressing a happy person:-)following you now :-)

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