Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mint Jeans

denim jacket: J. Crew (similar), tank: Forever 21, mint jeans: Target (similar), necklace: F21, sandals: Target, sunglasses: F21, bracelet: gift

I might just have a colored denim obsession to go along with my denim jacket obsession.  Also denim on denim?  Just a few years ago I would have scoffed at the notion… though a few years before that I may have actually been into it.  So it’s all cyclical.  In which case I shall hold onto my clothes for my future daughter (unlike my own mother… :P)… or my future self.

In other ramblings, I think I need to issue an apology to all the blogs (all the blogs!) out there that I have been totally slacking on reading.  This pesky little thing called work seems to be taking up only all of my time and it’s actually kind of impressive that I’ve even been blogging as much as I have (my last job = death to this blog).  However, I’m feeling a little sad that I’ve fallen out of touch with many of my favorite sites out there and I miss the interaction and dialogues that make blogs so much better than magazines.  So I have resolved to get back to it and become more engaged.

I feel like those generic workplace motivational speakers just spitting out random words: collaborate, interconnectivity, engage, coalesce, subdivision

Okay now I’m just listing random words… luckily I’ve never had to work at a corporation that’s made me do team-building/motivational things.  However, that also means I just made all of this up, so how about I just stop typing now.


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