Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What’s with today today?

It’s been one of those rare days when the post-5:00 hours have done a number on me, actually making me wish I was back at work.  Nothing serious or anything like that, just annoyances.  One such annoyance would be Nomar.  Specifically him freaking out while I was holding him and using my inner arm as his personal launch pad.  He also took the liberty of relieving me of some of that pesky arm skin I have.  Thanks, Nomar, I was getting so tired of having all that skin in the crook of my arm!

photo 1photo 2

Also, how many times will I purchase bread at Trader Joes before I finally remember that it always, always gets moldy after about 36 hours?

Or why is it that Troy must never be out-down by his brother?  He presented at my feet his very own cat vomit.  A token of his unwavering love and undying affection, no doubt.

I’m of the mind that the very last of my Reeses stash is in order.  Only to get it I must traverse into the kitchen and who knows what fresh hell awaits me at the hands of my feline friends…  Wish me luck!

**Empire Records reference, anyone?


  1. a reese's stash - genius!

    feel ya on the trader joe's bread. i always put in the refrigerator if i get some because i can't eat that much bread in 36 hours.

    hope your arm skin grows back real quick-like.

  2. I just came across your blog, and am now a follower. Woohoo! I read the title in my best Lucas voice and thought, "she HAS to be quoting Empire Records" I then finished the post and saw the fine print at the bottom. You just got yourself a new follower my friend :)


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