Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Denim Jackets {Are Necessary}

DenimJacket (3 of 3)DenimJacket (2 of 3)DenimJacket (1 of 3)

dress: Forever 21, shoes: Zigi Soho, denim jacket: J. Crew (similar), belt: J. Crew, sunglasses: Forever 21, scarf: flea market

I must apologize right now because you’re going to be seeing an awful lot of this jacket.  I’m pretty confident when I say, you need to find one for yourself.  Even with warm summer temperatures approaching, it’s always necessary to keep something a little heavier on hand for all those air conditioned buildings.  I’ve found that once the temperatures rise above 70 here, bam, time for a/c!

Also, I need to make a formal apology to James.  One of the many downsides of working the night shift is getting to hear from both your roommates that, watch out, today is shitty!  This was never more true than it was yesterday when we both came home with Monday horror stories and then sent him off all, ‘Bye!  I’m sure your day won’t suck!’  …Not a very promising start for his week, huh? 

Today I resolve to come home with happy, rosy stories of optimism and rainbows.  And unicorns, obviously.


  1. This outfit is so fun! I love the denim jacket on you! they look absolutely horrible on me!! Or maybe I just have yet to find The One... x

  2. Don't forget puppies!

    Lovin' that jacket lady.

  3. love the denim and floral mix, and you make the oxfords look so cute. I never feel like I look quite right in my pair.
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