Friday, April 27, 2012

With Purpose

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The rains came late this year (it’s crazy to me that I’ve lived here long enough to know that), I was sort of bummed thinking they weren’t going to come at all.  Alas, they showed up and we’ve been graced with some decidedly cool and gloomy weather.  I can’t speak for everyone, but Los Angeles needs this type of gloom every now and then because that blinding sun can put an awful lot of pressure on you.  I constantly find myself saying, “We need to go out, it’s beautiful!” and James replying, “It’s beautiful all the damn time.”

I know: #firstworldCaliforniaproblems.

But since it is overcast and cool out, I can confidently tell you that I am writing to you in grey sweatpants and a grey sweatshirt.  Like Rocky, only it’s not the 70s and I’m not a boxer in training.  So basically you could say I look like a big, grey blob, but only you have to look like a big grey blob on these gloomy days in LA because it’s the only time you can.

Anyway, big-grey-blob-me, I’m here typing away.  It’s quiet.  James is working and our roommate is off to some sort of bachelor party event in Texas that you just couldn’t even pay me enough money to go to. 

What am I even talking about?

Ah yes.  The thing is, the rain (and the quietness) makes you introspective.  This is why a rainy Boston spring is perfect for a 19 year old to completely overanalyze every tidbit of her life as she walks the Charles without an umbrella… on purpose.  Because angst and whatnot.

However, I’ve been thinking a lot about this blog and the purpose it serves in my life.  It was (and still is) a creative outlet for me in a listless, unemployed part of my life.  I just went along and posted whatever I felt like and never really figured out exactly what I’m doing with it.  What my intent is.

I still don’t know, really.

All I know is I think it’s time to rework my approach.  I’m happily employed now in a job where, guess what- I write things!  Now my instinct is to come home and be all, blaaaggh, no more words!  However, I think I want to post with more purpose.  At least here and there.  Floating along being all, Here, this is what I wore and it’s not exciting! is not as fulfilling as it once was.

So really: blogging with intent.

What a round-about way of saying that.  But yes, that is my goal.

The sweatpants have commanded it.


Warning: when the sun comes out I might redact it all.  All of it, I say!


  1. I enjoy the blog so I hope you keep writing - and writing with purpose seems like a great thing. and I'm glad you are in a great job now too. life changes and blogs can go along with it (just don't totally go away!)

  2. I have the tendency to babble sometimes (what am I saying, a lot of the time) but I love the idea of writing with purpose.

  3. Love that sky. I mean, I love seeing it on the computer knowing its far, far away from me.

    I don't much care for grey days and we do have them aplenty.

    I haven't seen a sunset in days and days.

    Chic on the Cheap


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