Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow?


top: Forever 21, skirt: Forever 21, shoes: Lands End Canvas, watch: Fossil, bag: Urban Outfitters, sunglasses: Forever 21

These photos are from the last string of really hot days we had… in October.  However, the weather seems to be creeping up into the high 70s/low 80s this week, so I felt they were finally appropriate to post.  Not that one can ever complain about California weather, it’s just that my office always leans toward the side of chilly and I’m really looking forward to that bump in temperature.  I will finally be able to free my legs.  Yay!

I’m currently sitting in an explosion of clothes, the leftovers of an ambitious cleaning streak James got over the weekend.  It’s just one of those weeks, though, where things seem to be popping up and consuming all my time after work (okay, admittedly I have found time to make these posts… but never mind you that!), leaving pesky little things like, oh, chores and grocery shopping sitting on the back burner.  I really, really need to get on top of all that again, but it’s looking like the earliest that will happen is tomorrow night.  Also, as an Aries, I don’t do so well when chores pile up to this extent.  Really it just makes me sleepy.

God, I miss the days of writing term papers!  Procrastination of that extent is really the only thing that gets me to organize my room.  So with that said, all ye organized people: what are your secrets??


  1. Lol I'm a procrastinator too... but seriously, my professors RAVE about my papers. They have no idea I did them at the last minute!

    I have to get all my graduation paperwork in by Friday and I seriously am going to wait till Friday morning to do it. Oops.

  2. i have freed my legs this past week in nyc. it's felt wonderful.

    on the chore front, as a type-a virgo, something that works for me is "a chore a day". sweep the floor, do a load of laundry, empty the dishwasher. when it all builds up and falls onto one day its totally overwhelming. so i try to do a chore a day. sometimes it's helpful. sometimes it still builds up. but that's about as useful as my tips get.


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