Tuesday, April 24, 2012

This Outfit Brought to you by the Letter: J… Crew

jacket, dress (similar), belt, necklace: J. Crew; boots: Aldo; hat: Forever 21

J. Crew might just be my favorite of all time… but that’s really nothing new or noteworthy. It wasn’t until I was editing these pictures, though, that I realized my favorite store had thrown up on me. Oh well, if you’re going to be covered in vomit, it might as well be of the sartorial persuasion (I took that too far, didn’t I?).

I promise I will write something with more gravitas at some point this week, but for now my silly, little brain is shot.  If you really need a reason as to why, I’ll leave you with this equation: Los Angeles + the slightest touch of humidity = allergens = everyone in a haze.  You must forgive us poor Los Angelenos and our vulnerability to this thing called ‘moisture’… we live a sheltered, curious life.


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