Tuesday, April 10, 2012


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Just a few pictures from the past week or so.  I think my biggest accomplishment may have been eating burritos four days in a row (twice Chipotle, twice homemade).  It’s also the second weekend in a row we went to go play with our friend’s new puppy.  That little guy is just adorable; ridiculously, stupidly adorable.

And yes, this post made me realize that most of my life involves food and taking pictures of myself when I’m waiting for James to get ready (sometimes dudes gotta primp, ya know?).  Even with this lack of super awesome adventures, the weekend went by incredibly fast. Has anyone figured out how to slow down the passage of time during those two days yet?  I think that discovery would be greatly beneficial to everyone.

Okay, no, I can’t complain about the week starting yet again!  So let’s go, week!  Let’s do this thing!  Ohh, yeah, you’re going to be the best week ever!!!

…Well, it’s worth a shot.

pictures taken on instagram. @melinawithlove


  1. I feel like if you and I ever hung out we'd be those two girls (women? I hate saying woman, I prefer being a girl =-) taking a zillion pictures and giggling over absolutely nothing.

    Actually that kind of sounds fun, lol. But not when I'm this sick and posting comments while high on cold meds.


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