Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mint & Coral {Pastel Overload For Easter}


skirt: Tobi, t-shirt: Gap, scarf: Forever 21 (similar), belt: James’s, shoes: Shoe Dazzle, sunglasses: Forever 21, ring: Jewelmint

Over the weekend, as James and I were grabbing some groceries, he whispered, "Hey that girl is kind of dressed like how you dress... she has Melina Style."  So naturally we sneakily ducked behind bins of produce to get a better look at her because obviously I wanted to see what he perceived to be ‘Melina Style’. 

Now admittedly her skirt was cute (whilst browsing the F21 website I actually stumbled across it, so if you're curious it's this peach skirt).  However, she was wearing..... Uggs.  I turned to James and before I could even say anything he was shaking his head, "Oh no, no... I didn't see the Uggs.  You have much better style than her!"


Then her friend joined her wearing the exact same skirt and Uggs combo.  Which is weird to me.  James’s mind logically jumped to the conclusion that they were part of a wedding party (??), but considering the extreme casualness, and sheerness of the skirt (+ the Ugg faux pas so many LA girls love to make) I think they just wanted to dress alike.  Either that or it was an underage wedding where this clothing combination would seem like a good idea.

Also, we've seen a lot of teenage girls wearing stickers on their faces recently.  Is that a thing?  And my follow up question would be, why?!

Don't get me wrong, in middle school there was a short period of time where we'd wear glitter on our faces to the dances... but stickers?  In broad daylight?

Kids these days…


  1. I don't get the Ugg trend as a whole. I have a pair of fake ones and the only time I wear them is to shovel snow...

  2. Stickers on faces? Really? I thought only 5 year olds do that.

    Love the pastel overload :)

    Along Abbey Road

  3. I really just can't imagine THAT skirt with Uggs... really? Tha can never have looked good? I think Uggs only look good with jeans, haha. an not even then!

    Your minty blue skirt is really cute too! I really just love all your outfits SO much. x

  4. part of a wedding party - hah! although i do admit, i freely wear uggs around nyc on very cold days. flats make me freeze and rainboots aren't needed. i call myself out, but the fact is warm toes do make me quite happy.

  5. firstly, i love your pastels.
    second, i love that mr jimmy was observing other girls styles.
    third, i love that you stalked the skirt. I would totally do that.
    fourth, anyone wearing uggs has no style whatsoever.
    Chic on the Cheap

  6. I love a good flowy maxi! and the pasels? Fantastic!

    xo, Abbey (District Dress Up)


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