Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Girl Power: Blame it on the E-e-e-e-e-estrogen


t-shirt: Gap, jeans: Gap, shoes: Steve Madden, belt: J. Crew, glasses: Bonlook

I would say that this series of Phoebe clips would about sum up the past couple days of my life.  Can you say hormones?  Because I sure can!  I actually impulse-bought that mint belt over the weekend because that day I was feeling oh-so-rotund and finally I snapped and was all, I need to belt this outfit, stat!  And so it was done, because you don’t interfere with a woman who has momentarily lost her senses.

In other news that is slightly more ‘girl power’ in a far more awesome way, I found great amusement in this article about Hillary Clinton actually submitting her own picture to the Tumblr, Texts From Hillary, which just so happens to be my newest favorite meme.  How ridiculous is that?  The ‘scrunchie’ comment??  I die!  You go, girl.

And to round out this female-centric post, I was so pleased to see that NH has the lowest teen pregnancy rates in the whole country.  Go NH!  Actually, every New England state is way low on that list (which is a good thing), so woooo New England!  You go, girls!

Well that sums up this portion of Current Female Events with Melina

…Basically I’m like a hormonal Walter Cronkite.

*Please tell me you got the title reference


  1. Haha, go Hillary! I'm glad to know she has a good sense of humor.

  2. i loved that hillary did that (and made a scrunchie joke!) finally a politician that can take a joke and be a part of it. something that's rare in this day and age.

  3. Melina you crack me up! I have a mint belt from Asos that I love. Also, yesterday, I was in a "female" mood and was totally unsympathetic to anyone else's feelings! Being a girl is hard work! :)


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