Tuesday, March 13, 2012

winter mint


mint skirt: Tobi, cardigan: TJMaxx, belt: thrifted, fur & ring: F21, heels: Two Lips, watch: Fossil, sunglasses: Rose Bowl Flea, necklace: Target

I know, I know… it doesn’t exactly look wintery here.  However, the last couple of days have actually had a slight chill to the air and since we haven’t had much winter in terms of cooler temps and rain, I’m going to call it what I want.  I mean, at the end of the day we all know LA doesn’t get winter, so why not pretend?

You know what’s funny about this outfit?  I bought those shoes almost a year ago whilst walking around in an oh-so-seksi footboot on a break from a temp job that just was not working out.  I bought them as something to look forward to, something to wear the second my stupid little bone healed enough for heels.  And somehow they made it to the back of my closet and I never wore them.  Such is [my] life.  However, I dusted them off and realized they really are as comfortable as my broken brain remembered them being!  They also reminded me that sometimes the very little things (like the ability to walk in heels) shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Life lesson attained through silly style blog?  Check!  Well, my work for this Tuesday is done…


  1. Well I'm glad you found them, they're awesome!

  2. This is so girly for you! Love the mint skirt! I have a mint and white polka dot dress begging to be worn! Just waiting for the temps to be warm enough here in the midwest!

  3. What a gorgeous look! I'm in LOVE with that skirt, and I really like the oversized buttons on your cardi!
    Smart n Snazzy

  4. i love this look on you; i just can not pull off a skirt like this! uhg, frustrating. idk what is it, i've tried on three different ones & I feel preggo in them all, or like a grandma. what gives?

  5. ok, i so want this skirt! mint and pleated?! loooove! :)

  6. EEP! I love that skirt! I want it, like this instant, but like...oh... a foot shorter. haha.

    glad you are finally able to wear those cute heels!
    Chic on the Cheap

  7. I just had an eyegasm! This skirt is gorgeous! You have an amazing style!


  8. U look so pretty!!! I love this ladylike look from head to toe, each e!! Lovely style and blog!:)



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