Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Weekend Walks

What?  It’s Monday already??  How did that even happen?  Would you mind terribly if I asked you one thing?  Would it be awful to the world if three day weekends were just a thing?  Would that be so terrible??!

Okay, enough questions for your poor Monday brain.  Here are some things we did this past weekend:


This weekend was pretty ridiculously gorgeous.  Being a New Englander, I am weary of March and her evil ways.  So these 80 degree days almost gave me anxiety… almost.  However we took full advantage; James and I went on lots of walks and here we (I) decided to stop and take a picture of the two of us (because we have approximately 0.4 pictures with both of us in it).  As I was setting it up, a man in a car pulled into his garage smoking the longest pipe you have ever seen.  So instead of posing for a cute picture we decided to capture the awe in which we felt when our eyes beheld said spectacle.


There are flowers everywhere right now (even though we’ve had about a 1/2 day of rain) and James and I like to pretend we know what it is we’re smelling.  “Mmm, lilac!”, “Oooo, lavender!”  We have no clue.


James insisted we take pause at this tree to breathe in it’s perfectly placed branch glory.  And look!  The moon!


Story time!  This is a tree in a park near us and, as you can see, it is the most amazing tree for lazy climbers like myself.  On Sunday we went to this park and in the 1/2 block it takes to get there James and I started arguing over something probably dumb and I made hast to my beloved tree so I could sit and be moody and hopefully let the sun and the little league practice cheer me up. 

Yet upon getting there, I encountered the most territorial squirrel I have ever seen:


{Territorial mother****er}

This dude was so keen on keeping any and all humans off his tree that he totally made our bickering seem foolish.  After all, how can you stay mad at someone when they just experienced being kicked out of a tree by a woodland creature with you?  It’s impossible!


So that was our weekend.  James was still recovering from his poison oak, so we kept things even more low-key than we usually do (people, getting poison oak is apparently super awful… don’t do it!).  However, that was totally fine by me.

Did you do anything fun?


Also, ummmmm, how is it that this next weekend we turn the clocks forward?  How is it even possible that is happening already?!!


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