Friday, March 2, 2012

Weekend Brain {You’re Always On My Mind}


blazer: thrifted (similar); jeans, belt, sunglasses: F21, dolman jersey: J. Crew (similar), flats: Old Navy; striped scarf: J. Crew (similar)

Would you like a little update about the state of affairs in my household? Of course you would!

So Los Angeles has actually been a little nippy these past few nights (as opposed to nippley, which it is all the time) and the roommate and I have decided it would be apropos to dabble in heating the apartment. This is obviously displeasing to James, who prefers a climate as close as possible to the one penguins live in. Yet we’ve decided that since he doesn’t get home until 3:30 am, he doesn’t get a say.

Caesar has been overthrown, my friends.

Which really isn’t super nice since he’s already quite ornery to begin with. You see, he is currently covered head-to-toe in poison oak… so there’s that. And would you know who he likes to take it out on? Why that would be me because, for as much as I know (and we’re knocking on so much wood here), I am not allergic to the poison oak and this stinging irony is too much for poor Jamesy to take right now. My inspired words of comfort and poignant gestures of help have been denied. Apparently I don’t know anything because I’ve never experienced it! Apparently getting poison oak is somewhat like going off to war in that you have to go through it to understand it. But then again… I wouldn’t know!

Also would you believe that my boss was truly surprised when I knew who Davy Jones was? That I was affected by the news?! Turns out I was the only one in the under-45 set who could recite lyrics from multiple Monkees’ songs. Yet in the midst of wondering why I can’t just act my age already, one of my very best friends who I’ve known since I was FIVE YEARS OLD (we like to announce this fact with flourish) texted me:

                             Looks like Davy Jones did take that last train to Clarksville after all…

My friends are amazing.

Then I tried to remember the lyrics to that song and I could only think of “Midnight Train to Georgia” and they’re really nothing alike at all, but you know, trains and whatnot.

Of course then there’s last Saturday (I know, Saturday?? Like a million years ago?) when James and I fell asleep at some offensively early time like eleven. Usually we are the night owliest of the night owls, but on Saturday? We conked out so fast and unexpectedly we totally forgot to (a) brush our teeth (b) turn off the Netflix on the computer (c) turn off the lights… yeah, the lights. James woke up at 5 AM all, Whaaaa?! and then turned them off. Me? Oh I slept right on through. I could sleep in the core of the sun if I were tired enough.

Doesn’t sleep sound just wonderful right now??

Here’s to a fantastic weekend, my friends!

I hope we all have better stories to tell by the end of it because these? Not so much…


  1. Ahahahaha! Super funny, my friend. And I know who Davy Jones is too. Spent many road trips during my prepubescent years in the back of our family minivan listening to this genre of music.
    Oh and I love those two toned shoes.


  2. This post is so random and you totally have me cracking up. Hope you have a happy weekend!

  3. very cool outfit. An d I love the pose!


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