Tuesday, March 20, 2012

That Time I Dressed Like An Irish Garden


jacket: Forever 21, cardigan: TJMaxx, dress: English Laundry via Hautelook, rain boots: Dav via Gilt, tights: H&M (similar), belt: Forever 21

This past weekend I discovered that my wardrobe is significantly lacking in the green color department.  This was the best I could do for St. Patrick’s Day [Evacuation Day], a sort of ode-to-an-Irish-garden look.  I mean that works, right?  Kind of like an English garden… but Irish.  Shhh, it makes perfect sense.

Well, seeing how it is still early in the week, I can’t really think of anything else to say.  Other than the fact that I miss the rain already and it is welcome back any ol’ time!  If I bribe the rain with cookies and treats do you think it will stay longer next time??  Worth a shot, right?  Worst case scenario I’m left with cookies and treats and sunshine… and, really, if that’s your worst case scenario then I’d say that’s not too shabby.


  1. Love this entire outfit, especially those boots! You look awesome!

  2. what? you actually want rain? I don't think I understand. but you can have all of mine.

    Those rain boots are so cute though - so is it just because you want to wear the cute boots?

  3. If I see any rain, I'll make sure to send it to you! Promised! and I looooove those rainboots! xo Nikki

  4. This outfit is adorable! Love the boots.

  5. I seriously ADORE those little rain boots! You look fabulous, and your photos are beautiful.



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