Friday, March 9, 2012

stripes on stripes


top: Old Navy, shorts: Old Navy, moccasins: Minnetonka, sunglasses & ring: Forever 21, earrings: Ike & co

Guys, we did it!  It’s Friday!  Wooooo!!  Do your little happy dance.  Go on, I’ll wait… all set?  Awesome!  We’ve got lots of things planned for this weekend.  Well, really just the Rose Bowl Flea Market and turning the clocks forward (yes, I’ve mentioned this phenomenon every. post. this week.), but I consider that a lot, so there you have it!

Honestly, my brain is not working very well because I am trying this little experiment where I don’t drink caffeine, as it supposedly makes awesome female time even more awesome (and by awesome I mean awful).  I would say the experiment is working, but I truly underestimated how addicted I am to caffeine.  So I’m in a sort of please-give-me-coffee-right-this-second haze right now.  I might have to end the experiment early for the sake of actually getting to the weekend.  Non-caffeinated days go in s l  o   w    m o   t   i    o      n.

Oh!  But I forgot!!

I saw John Krasinski the other day!  Yep, my first solo celebrity sighting (I am just miserable at sighting the famous; James is not).  I was at a stop light and he was getting take-out from a local restaurant and walking across the street to, I assume, his car.  The only reason I even paid attention to this person was because he did a double-take at my license plate.  Yeeeah, it’s from New Hampshire.  He’s from Massachusetts.  I think he liked what he saw.  (Or, you know, there are approximately 0.3 NH license plates in LA.)

So that’s my story…

Happy Friday!


  1. I am SO jealous, of the flea market NOT the lack of caffeine. I've been planning to go for two weeks, and was spontaneously called in to work. Hope you find lots of amazing goodies!

    Good luck on the caffeine rehab!


  2. what a cute outfit! I love your shoes! I am so happy it's friday!

  3. Awesome celeb sighting!

    If you ever see Adam Levine please kidnap him for me ;-)

  4. Cute outfit! I like the pastel colors...

    And i love flea markets :-) CAn't wait until it gets warm on my side and they come back

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    Confessions Of A City Girl

  5. haha, your story is awesome. I've never been within a close vicinity of a celebrity, but it's probably for the best, I'd just act like an idiot.

    hope you had a great weekend!

    Chic on the Cheap


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