Thursday, March 8, 2012

spring is in the air {and something about ponies…}


chambray shirt: Aeropostale (similar), dress & belt: Forever 21, hat: Old Navy, shoes: Converse, necklace: Target, bracelets: gift

The dress I am wearing has horses on it.  Naturally, James had to point out that very few of them were facing right-side-up.  Naturally, I had to defend my dress choice by telling him that almost all of them are right-side-up when I look down at them, so there!  Nevertheless, we laughed it off because we live in California and it was 80-something degrees and what care in the world do we have about horse prints when there is such splendor all around us?

And then we broke out into song as we sashayed down the sidewalk.  Maria von Trapp-style.

Only that’s a lie.

However, with spring officially in the air and the clocks alarmingly moving forward this weekend (I’m still not over that), we are going to spend the weekend doing the Spring Cleaning.  There, it has been written on the blog and, therefore, it is decided.  The Spring Cleaning: this weekend in our humble little apartment.

The spring fever has also started quite the serious discussion in our household about the pigment of our trio of sad, pasty New England skin tones.  Upon trying to remember the last time I truly embraced my Mediterranean heritage, I was alarmed to realize that I have not been verily tan since my family went to Greece.  Which was ten years ago.



A decade has passed since my skin has been kissed by sweet sun rays!  This grave discovery has led to a resolution to spend a wee bit more time outside.  Perhaps actually [shudder] enjoy the 395 sunny days a year Los Angeles has to offer.  And so it came to pass that there would be a tan-off in the apartment.  Cue grandiose musical interlude.

With two half-Greeks and James’s sleeper northern-Italian blood, really, it’s anyone’s game.  Oh and don’t you fret your pretty little heads- sunscreen will be used.  Maybe I’ll tone it down to SPF 50… after I finish up my 100.  And though I am marginally worried that this summer will result in me looking like a leather bag, well: TEN YEARS!  Look up above; I am translucent.  Edward Cullen himself would be blinded by those lily-white legs!  In fact I think you can see through them.

So here you have it, the only moment on this blog where I’ll get to say these words because I am always a hopeless and shameless rule-follower: Don’t try this at home, kids!

Sorry Mom & Dad, I had to go through my rebellious teenage years at some point! …Even though neither of you have ever banned me from being tan, but let me have my moment, okay?


  1. LOVE this outfit. I want to go get a tan in Greece! 10 years seems way too long. You need to go back!

    Along Abbey Road

  2. Oh my word, your pictures are so BEAUTIFUL!! Do you mind me asking what camera you use?

  3. You look great!
    Lol btw, i break out into song all the time so i can relate.

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    Confessions Of A City Girl


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