Thursday, March 29, 2012

Raspberry Filled Silver White Cake Cupcakes


Look, I know, a blogger posting cupcakes… how original!  I know!  However, these are somewhat of a tradition on my birthday and I honestly like making it as a cake better.  But alas, I have zero cake pans and a muffin tin.  So favorite cake becomes favorite cupcake.  Besides, these are seriously good, like eat-your-heart-out-Sprinkles good (okay, I lived in Boston during the height of the cupcake craze, so I don’t even know the names of the good cupcake shops).  The original recipe is from Betty Crocker, I believe, but I don’t know if my mother’s changed anything so I’ll just post what she sent me here because that’s easier for everyone.

Also, yes, James sort of helped with these… but I get really Monica-like in the kitchen, so mostly I made my own cupcakes for my own birthday.  I never claimed to be cool…

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Silver White Cake Recipe

2 + 1/4 c. flour                                         1 + 1/4 c. milk

1 + 2/3 c. sugar                                        1 tsp. vanilla

3 + 1/2 tsp. baking powder                 5 egg whites

2/3 c. shortening                                    

1. Preheat oven to 350.  Grease and flour two round cake pans or one 13x9 pan.  Or use muffin tin (and yes I split the cupcake holders, I find it unnecessary to have a paper holder AND a tinfoil holder on one cupcake).

2. Measure flour, sugar and baking powder into a bowl and stir.

3. Measure shortening, milk and vanilla into bowl and beat with electric mixer.

4. Slowly beat in egg whites, one at a time, scraping the sides of the bowl with a rubber spatula as you go.

5. Pour batter into prepared pan and bake 30-35 minutes for round cakes or 35-40 minutes for rectangle cake.

6. Cool completely on cooking rack.  Then frost.

For cupcakes:

Fill each tin half-way with batter.  Bake for 20 minutes.

Now for the best part, filling it with raspberry jam!


Take any ol’ jar of raspberry jam and scoop some into a bowl.  Stir it vigorously so it’s less gelatinous and smoother.  Take a sharp knife and carve out the center about one inch around.  Fill with jam.  Boom.  Done.  For a two layer cake: frost the top of the bottom layer, then spread jam over frosting.


Chocolate Frosting Recipe:

Combine: 1/2 stick or so of softened butter, 1 tsp. vanilla, 1/4 c. or so cocoa.  Add a bunch of powdered sugar and dribbles here and there of milk until “it looks like frosting” (that would be a direct quote from my mom… she’s too cool for recipes).


I can’t tell you how to make your frosting look good because that technique eludes me.  However, just be sure to put a big enough dollop on top to hide the confectionary surgery you did earlier.  My only other frosting advice is work with it like you’re putting peanut butter on a sandwich: if you use too little it will start to pull up tiny cake bits and look messy.  So when it doubt use more (especially when frosting a cake).


And you’re done!  Eat them all week long when you should actually be putting nutrients in your body… especially on mornings when you’re drinking extra strong coffee and wondering why work can’t start at noon.


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