Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Super Hypothetical Birthday Wish List

So in an attempt to not completely freak out over my upcoming birthday (umm, how is it only 11 days away, please tell me how is that possible? Huh?? Gah!), I decided to make a wish list.  Not because I want presents from anyone, more because I would hate it if my birthday crisis hindered the recovery of the economy.  Us bloggers with our lists are totally saving the economy, right?  That’s how that works?  Sweet.


1. Racerback tank.  I’m really liking racerback tanks all of a sudden.  2. Glasses!!  No seriously, I need new glasses.  Someday after my prescription expires I’ll buy these… that will work, right?  3. Tribal shield earrings.  4. Black maxi skirt.  5. Gold bib necklace.  I searched so hard for something similar at the Rose Bowl flea market… naturally to no avail.  6. Cutest bathing suit.  Ever.  7. Mint clutch.  8. Southwestern shorts.  9. Bicycle basket.  It’s detachable!  10. Aztec pattern iPhone case.  11. Striped dress.  These multi-colored striped dresses I’m seeing everywhere are so bright and cute!  12. Essie- Honey Bun.


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