Friday, March 16, 2012

Leopard, Denim & Fuchsia… Oh my!


leopard print skirt: F21 (similar), denim jacket: thrifted, flats: Steve Madden, tank: thrifted, necklace: Target, earrings: gift

This felt like the most color I've ever worn in the entirety of my life.  I can't really put my finger on what it is about this outfit that makes me feel that way though.  After all, I am one of those people that totally believes leopard is a neutral (I am a child of the early 90s, raised on the sensory overload that spewed out from the late 80s).  Also, if leopard is, then denim certainly has to be a neutral as well.  So really we're left with a pink/fuchsia color.  Apparently fuchsia is too much for me to handle on a daily basis.  Animal print?  70s washed denim?  Bring it on.  The color pink?  Woah, hold up, that’s too crazy!

So yesterday it was the birthday of somebody in the office and there was what can only be described as a feast going on.  Ohh, I am usually bereft with anxiety when office birthday celebrations are afoot... don't ask me why, it just puts me on edge.  But this?  This was glorious and has completely reversed my thinking on the subject.  Office birthdays everyday please!

And, my friends, believe me when I say: you have not lived until you've had homemade taquitos.  Trust me.  Before yesterday?  I don't know what I was doing, but it wasn't living.  Good god, my stomach is still blissed out.  And now I fear it has forever been ruined because no other taquito will ever stand up to that.  Glorious!

Oh and if that weren't enough, a piece of cake was literally brought to my desk for me.  Almost as if it were required of me to eat the cake.  Did I mention this was all before noon?  The subsequent five hours were spent in a food coma.  A happy, oblivious food coma. 

And now I'm worried this Friday will come crashing down on me like the hammer of Thor because yesterday was too good to be true.


  1. Yesterday must have just been a good day for everyone... I had a great day at work too!

  2. Sounds like a pretty awesome day at work, and hopefully today will be a nice send off into the weekend.

    Chic on the Cheap

  3. love the skirt...of course it's F21!

  4. your skirt and necklace is adorable!

  5. adorable outfit! new follower! :)


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