Monday, March 12, 2012



As it is with Mondays, I can get pretty ho-hum.  Get a little pessimistic, if you will.  This mostly stems from having to say "Peace out, homeboy" to James when the weekend ends because we're working opposite schedules and, as is, I'm lucky if I see him for a half hour each day.  So in the interest of starting this week out better, here's a list of what I am grateful for.  Because, really, there's nothing like forced optimism to possibly... eventually... trick you into actually being optimistic.


-I'm grateful that I at least get to see James for those collective minutes each day.  We've definitely been on completely opposite schedules where we literally only saw each other on the weekends... that's certainly worse.

-I'm grateful that the weather is supposed to be delightfully cool this week. Possibly even rainy!

-I'm grateful that I found an awesome pair of sunglasses at the Rose Bowl Flea Market in  the last couple seconds we were there (2 for $5 to boot!).

-I'm so grateful that my mother has been referring to my birthday as my ‘2# birthday’ in texts. I'm a little sensitive this time o' year.

-I'm grateful for our roommate-wide discussion on the subtle nuances of Elton John, David Bowie and 'Hotel California'... ohhh a discussion to warm my bitter-because-I-wasn’t-alive-in-the-70s heart.

-I'm oh-so-grateful that James rearranges our tandem parked cars each night when he gets in so I don't have to do it in the morning. He is the best.

-I'm grateful that I have a job to go to in the morning. I job I like, no less.

-I'm grateful that, even though our timing might be different, in the end, James and I have the same goals. And also that he reminds me of this because I often need to be reminded.

-I'm grateful that I experienced the glory that is Evacuation Day (ie. let's make up a holiday so we can have St. Patrick’s Day off) in Boston four times. And that I can tell people out here about it and then they think Boston is some sort of wild, lawless place.

-I'm grateful that Canon released the 5D Mk III already because just maybe the price of the Mk II will drop enough and go on some sort of insane holiday sale in the future and then I can snatch one up and cradle it and sing sweet lullaby's to it and generally love it like a child. And occasionally take pictures with it....

-I am grateful for ridiculous little kitties who generally make me smile and spoil them... even if they freaked the eff out last night and scratched up my arm (I'm looking at you, Nomar).

-I am grateful for the canning jars that are on their way to me. Dear Aforementioned Cat, trying shattering these! (No, jk, don't... cause I'm sure you'll succeed).

-I am grateful that I am feeling content right now. Even with our conflicting schedules. Even with that impending birthday on the horizon. I'm doing a much better job of understanding where everything that's going on right now fits into the big picture.

-I really am so grateful to everyone who reads this. I simply adore this outlet and that there are actually people out there who take the time to visit my little site. You guys are pretty much the. best.


Enough sap, now time for some Monday night ice cream, yes?  Yes!!


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