Friday, March 30, 2012

Friends Will Cheer You Up


{Some little things that brightened my day today.}

...No not those friends, not the humans you're close with.  The show!  Duh.

I feel like the past week or so I've been in a funk.  Maybe it's the Spring blues.  Spring blues?  Is that even a thing?  That shouldn't be a thing... Spring is when everything is supposed to come back to life!  Maybe it's just a Southern California thing where we're all like, "Oh look, the seasons didn't change yet again!  Yay!".

Anyway, since I've lived here, I find myself gravitating toward Friends right around the beginning of April.  And I watch it all.  All ten seasons.  And yep, I could probably sit down and recite every single line from every single episode of every single season (it makes my heart sad when I quote Friends to someone and they stare back at me blankly... how have you not ever seen it? You HAVE to be lying!).

And you know what?

It makes me feel better.

Also, try responding to all your Friends watching friends’ texts with quotes from the show.  Bonus points if they’re all from Chandler.  Obviously.


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