Thursday, March 15, 2012

‘Don’t Shoot Me’ Orange


jacket: F21, jeans: Target, wedges: Qupid, shirt: H&M, necklace & bracelets: gifts, sunglasses: F21

{Upon seeing these wedges James declared, “Well ain’t nobody gonna mistake you for a doe in the woods!” Psssh, men!}

Recently James has been going to sleep around 6 am, which is just the worst really because it always, always wakes me up.  And then I always have to pee.  And then it's always only an hour before my alarm goes off.  So generally I mumble some sort of whiny soliloquy that makes perfect sense to me, but James is all "What??"... for some reason he doesn’t understand my half-awake, pre-sunlight ramblings.  It’s weird.

Anyway, so this whole scenario played out the other night and because it was very early in the week, with nothing but work and chores to look forward to, I was a little snippy when I barked, "James!"

Immediately he responded with "Don't yell at me!  I went grocery shopping!"  Only it was more like "DontyellatmeIwentgroceryshopping!" because he wanted to assuage the beastly 6 am version of myself.  And then he lulled me back to sleep with his proud little monologue on all the food he bought us.  ‘I got strawberries, and salad fixings, and milk, and cheez-its...’

So two things: a. 24-hour grocery stores are pretty damn awesome.  Almost as awesome as: b. James.

Grocery shopping for me in the middle of the night?  That's probably about the most romantic thing you can do.  Screw flowers.


  1. LOVE your outfit. For reals.

    What a nice guy! That is real lurve right there.

    Along Abbey Road

  2. Ahahahahaha!! I would appreciate something like that too.
    Lookin good, lady. I love the orange and blue.

    IG @always_ashleyrae

  3. haha, i can think of no sweeter words to be your lullaby.

    and those sandals are AWESOME.

  4. awesome outfit, yes yes. I LOVE that jeaaaaans! James is such a sweetheart too! I always get grumpy when my boyfriend wakes me up too early. REALLY grumpy! x

  5. Haha, I don't know which is more awesome, the middle of the night grocery shopping or the deer comment!


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