Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dark & Dreary Weekend {Only not so much…}


{1. Grey skies!  2. Delicious pb & choc wafers  3. Dramatic contemplation  4. Troycat!  5. Rules to our wild (not!) St. Patrick’s Day Return of the Jedi drinking game- note: ‘Gold Breast’  6. Just another pic of James and a tree  7. A full-fledged obsession is born}

The dreary weekend us Los Angelinos were promised started off strong!  It was all dark and drizzly on Friday night, perfect weather for curling up with some coffee and my latest snack obsession from the dollar store (these peanut butter and chocolate wafer thingies that are so dangerous when they only cost 4 quarters).

Surprisingly I also spent Friday night doing some hardcore cleaning which worked out well since we had a couple people over on Saturday night.  Naturally by then the rain had pretty much petered off and Sunday wound up being quite sunny.  Boo.  You promised us three days of rain, Los Angeles!  Three days.

Oh well.

What did you do this weekend?


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