Thursday, March 1, 2012

You know that moment when…


cardigan: Target (similar), leopard print jeans: Target (similar), tee: Gap, heels: Urban Outfitters, necklace: Target, sunglasses & belt: F21

…that moment when you realize you need to stop watching Law & Order on Netflix and pick-up a damn book.

…that moment when you say, “Well just one more episode…

…that moment when your cat makes a truly offensive smell right before you have people over.

…that moment when you realize your new job basically means you’re Peggy Olson… only minus the whole indiscretion storyline.

…that moment when the alarm goes off in the morning and you wonder what you did to deserve this torture.

…that moment when you decide, yes indeed, I’m going to make mac & cheese for dinner. From. Scratch.

…that moment when you calculate how many miles your gas light has been on.  Ehh, let’s wait a liiiittle longer before using my future children’s college money to fill up my tank.

…that moment when you realize you have approximately 85% more cat pictures than human pictures on your phone.

…that moment when someone asks where you got something you DIY-ed. Successss!

…that moment when you realize you drink significantly more water than everyone else at your job.  And thus you pee a lot more. Seriously, tiny bladder, lots of water… that’s all it is, people!

…that moment when you realize you’ve only posted wayy casual outfits recently. Bo-ring!

…that moment when you wake up in the middle of the night, get up to get some water (blind as a bat) and your cat takes a running leap at your legs and you’re sure it’s the devil.

…that moment when you spend lunch in your car because it’s been sitting in the sun and is therefore far warmer than your office.

…that moment when you realize that last statement would get you deported from New England, you whiney SoCal sissy!


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