Sunday, February 26, 2012

What to buy at Old Navy!

{I know I just did an inspiration post, but we were there yesterday and I just couldn’t wait to share these finds with you!}

In the past year or so, Old Navy has been killing. it.  Seriously, it went from a store I would occasionally stop at to grab a basic tank or a pair of flip flops to one of my most frequented haunts.  Over all, I would say the quality of their clothes has increased and the prices can’t be beat.  Not to mention the fact that, if you shop their online store, there’s always a promo code floating around the interwebs (example: ONSPRING for 25% off, today only).

Anyway, James and I stopped at their store yesterday and here are a few things that you should definitely be buying right now!



1. You know how much I love my chambray top.  If you don’t have one yet, here ya go!  2. This striped top is adorable (I absolutely would have bought it if I weren’t trying to save).  3. Super comfy desert-colored cardigan. Perfectly snuggly.  4. The color of this top is really gorgeous in the store and the tie-front detail is super cute.



1. Railroad-striped boyfriend shorts. Yep, these were purchased. Too cute!  2. I love me my colored jeans and these skinny jeans are a blogger favorite (I’d probably order 1 size up).  3. I’m really feeling white, flared jeans this spring.  So here you go!



1. I absolutely adored the colors in this dress (but it will look best on someone small-chested and/or tall).  2. Um, pair this pretty, little dress with that chambray shirt (maybe some glitter boots?) and you have yourself the perfect spring outfit.



1. I’m pretty sure this fedora would make a ratty tee and sweatpants blogworthy.  2. Cat-eye sunglasses are everywhere, but I haven’t been able to find a budget-friendly option. Enter Old Navy.  3. I stood in front of this bag for a good 10 minutes, drooling. Let me live vicariously through you, please buy it!  4. I love me my Western-inspired prints for summer and bucket bags are so in right now.



1. A little summer prep will always steal my heart. I think these boat shoes would look perfect with the boyfriend shorts above.  2. These ikat flats are really, ridiculously pretty in person.  3. These slip-on sneakers are also really cute in person and they come in a lot of fun colors.



{James came up with this outfit himself in the store… and I swooned}

1. I was skeptical of the color of this chambray shirt, but it looked so good on James!  2. I think every guy (okay, every person) should own a striped tee, such a staple.  3. These slim-cut khakis are a perfect blue color and very summery-prep. Get your guy to roll up the hem and pair with boat shoes and you’ll have your own personal Kennedy.


Old Navy totally didn’t pay me to write this.


  1. I know right!? I actually got myself an Old Navy credit card because they have even more deals through that. I have SO much stuff from Old Navy... they're just rocking it lately!

  2. I totally agree - ever since ON decided to pretty much copy everything jcrew does, they've been awesome.

    Chic on the Cheap

  3. Agreed. And I love your pics. Makes me wanna shop right now :) -Melissa

  4. What I love most is the beautiful blue shirt!



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