Friday, February 10, 2012

The Mullet Skirt

MulletSkirt-d1MulletSkirt (2 of 3)MulletSkirt-d2

Yesterday was as good a day as any to rejoin the land of the living, considering the temperatures spiked into the 80s.  Don’t hate the player, hate the game.  As in, I’m the player and the game is the weather. 

Anyway, I decided to take my mullet skirt out for a spin.  As with any potentially disastrous trend, I bought this at Forever 21 with a gift card (safety first… then teamwork).   Turns out it might just be one of my favorite pieces come spring/summer.  Though the style isn’t for the faint of heart, as the back of the skirt tends to catch any and all breezes causing it to billow out in the most dramatic of ways.  However, constantly looking melodramatic is a-okay by me.


Also, I don’t think I’ve shown the world wide web my parrot shirt yet, but I think it’s about time I introduce you all.  Internet, parrot shirt:

MulletSkirt (3 of 3)

Parrot shirt, internet.  Charmed, I’m sure. 

This is the type of shirt that can only be described as thrift shop gold.  Oh I know what you’re thinking, graphic tees were way overplayed in my high school years too, so generally I stay away from them.  The loophole being that any thrift store find like this one is an exception.  It can’t be overly loud or ironic… just an amazing monochromatic print on a shirt that’s still in good shape (pit stains need not apply).  My favorite part about this shirt is that, logically, this bird should be an eagle (as it’s in that all-American eagle pose).  Yet if it was an eagle that would be way too Harley Davidson for my taste.  A parrot is just ridiculous enough to pass my test.

And since I’m clearly just making this post all about my outfit (gah!), I’m going to throw out there that if I was cool enough to go to Coachella, this is what I would wear.  Only the denim jacket might be nixed, seeing how Coachella is generally a giant festival of overheating, dehydration and exhaustion… Though I hear sometimes there’s music too.

mullet skirt: Forever 21, denim jacket & t-shirt: thrifted, DIY glitter boots: Aldo, bracelets: gifts, ring: Jewelmint, belt: Forever 21 // Photos: James


  1. You know, I love this skirt on you but I'm not sure I'd be daring enough to try it myself. Plus I live in Wisconsin... I'm not sure the farmers would get it...

  2. i'm not daring enough to wear a skirt like that, but you look great. have a good weekend.

  3. Love this skirt! So glad I found your blog!!

    Nicole @

  4. Cute. Kinda bohemian chic!

  5. I keep thinking of that episode of Sex and the City where Carries is walking down the street and the wind GUSTS her skirt up revealing her underwear.. lol

  6. I love that skirt! Perfect color and I love the hemline.

  7. you're ROCKING that mullet skirt girl! it looks great. well, well styled.

    So What If I Like Pretty Things

  8. Super cute! I love that you styled it casually :)

    xo Jennifer

  9. I love that bird-motif shirt. I've been going bird-crazy lately and putting a whole review of everything bird-inspired. Thanks for sharing! xo

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