Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Those Cookies


Yes, these are cookies I made for Christmas.  No, I will not apologize for being several thousand days late in posting these.  Why?  Because they are those cookies.  You know the ones.  The ones in the grocery store that scream their siren call at you with happy colors and contrasting sprinkles that seem to fit every occasion.  The soft, chewiness that dances on the edge of putting you into a sugar coma.  So though these may be Christmas themed today, you know you want to make them.

The recipe, found here, was oddly specific to the point that when my mother and I were preparing the dough a ruler was taken out to ensure accuracy.  I’m not really sure if that was necessary, but I wasn’t going to risk screwing these babies up.


They rose to perfection in the oven and I coerced my mother into frosting them because she is precise to a fault and I, well… my precision is more on par with a 4 year-old’s.


I added those sprinkles though.  Yeah, mad skills, I know!

I was so pleased that they tasted almost exactly like the store bought kind, only less sweet.  Which is great because the ones from the store tend to numb your mouth with their intense sweetness.  Or maybe I have no self control and just eat too many?  Either way, these brought back fond memories of sneaking out of class senior year of high school and going to the grocery store to pick these up and bring them back for the rest of the kids in class.  Aww, the truants who cared.  Rebels!

Okay, we weren’t. 

It was TV Production class and obviously our teacher knew.  And we were straight-A students.  It’s technically still truancy though, so I can’t endorse that type of behavior here.  Don’t do it, kids!  Stay in school!!


  1. I love those cookies. Thanks for the recipe!

  2. I will admit to buying those cookies about once a month because they are SO amazing. Mmm. Mouth watering...

  3. These are among my favorite cookies, ever. I just might have to try out the recipe for myself! Thank you for the sweet comment.. lovely blog, you've got a new follower! xo

  4. thanks for the blog love! Your blog/photos are stunning! And those cookies...girl, they are going to be dangerous at our house.

  5. You seriously just made me hungry and I ran to my window to see if the coffee shop downstairs is still open!

    They look delicious!


    Twenty York Street

  6. dont they just look good enough to eat?

  7. So cute AND they look delicious!!


  8. Yum those look so delicious!

  9. Yum those look so delicious!

  10. Yum those look so delicious!


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