Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Things They Left Behind


Apparently the good people of Nashua, New Hampshire are not fans of perfect wine-colored, snuggly cardigans because I snagged this bad boy in the clearance section of their Target for practically nothing.  I, for one, believe you can tell a great deal about a community based on the clearance section of their local Target.  I’m not quite sure what this cardigan says about them, but I’m no less than certain it’s something profound.

Regardless, it worked out for me, right?

Speaking of profundity, every so often Troycat will stare intensely at the ceiling.  He’s not looking at a bug, or dust, or light reflections.  So naturally my thought is, ‘Ghost!’  Right?  I mean, he’s definitely picking up on something.  Creepy cat.

In all honesty that’s one of my fears about becoming a parent someday, that my children will have creepy paranormal sensitivity.  Or that they’ll just say creepy things in the middle of the night like in all the horror movies.  Yes, I’m fully aware that I’m overthinking this.  And probably that my priorities in terms of parental fear are all out of order.

cardigan: Target, jeans: James Jeans (thrifted), heels & hat: Forever 21, ruffle tank: J. Crew, ring: Charlotte Russe


  1. I think that is a fabulous cardi, and My dog stares at nothing all the time, but I always went to "the dog is so dumb" before "the dog is staring at a ghost".

    Cats are probably more perceptive than dogs though.

    Chic on the Cheap

  2. Uh-oh, yeah you don't want your child to look at you and say "I see dead people."

    P.S. I'm giving away a wish bracelet today courtesy of Vivien Frank. Come check it out!


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