Monday, January 30, 2012

Pieces of Sunday


Yesterday I actually took my camera out and tried to capture little pieces of our day.  Eggo waffles to start things off, then a stroll down Burbank Ave (I’m still in awe of the hills behind Burbank… even if I know they aren’t that impressive compared to others), James mocking me while I played with my camera settings.  Later we waited patiently for lunch at Bob’s, chili cheese burger for James and a bacon guacamole chicken sandwich for me (healthy couples need not apply), and obviously we split a milkshake.  We went to our favorite thrift shop in Studio City where we both scored some amazing finds, as per usual!  A cat picture… naturally.  Finally, James ended the evening consumed in writing a letter to his friend across country.  They’re going to play chess through the mail and obviously James needed to make it legitimate by sealing the letter old school style.

Over all I would say it was a pleasant end to the weekend.  Hope yours was just as nice!!



Note: this title totally sounds like it could be an early-aughts emo-pop band!


  1. Adorable photos, and I love the boots!

  2. You guys are so cute together! Loving the boots! and your blog of course!



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