Friday, January 27, 2012



You should probably get yourself some blue pants because they definitely are my favorite.

Speaking of favorites, last weekend we were hanging out with some people I didn’t really know, having several strokes over the Patriots game, when the conversation turned to some girl that they all seemed to have met.  One of the guys proclaimed, “[So-and-so] is one of my favorite people!” in a truly genuine and platonic way.  Now even though most of my brain was pre-occupied with worrying that maybe Tom Brady isn’t a demigod (false!), that stuck with me.

A couple days later I racked my brain, wondering if there is a single soul on this planet who would describe me as one of their ‘favorite people’.  I really think no.  Not that I don’t have friends or you need to feel bad for me… I just don’t think that’s how I’d be described.  Then it led me to wonder, well then, how would someone describe me and I drew a blank.  I mean, I really have never thought about it before.  My instinct is to think they would say ‘she’s sarcastic’ or maybe ‘short’, definitely ‘loud’. 

But one phrase to sum up everything about myself?  I think that’s really hard for me to think of.  A long time ago, after scraping through most of middle school being overly self-conscious of every little thing I did, I decided, “Screw. It.”  Seriously, there was one day in 8th grade where I acutely remember deciding to stop caring what people thought about me (in terms of popularity, looks, etc… not in all societal terms… I didn’t become a sociopath, I swear).  So it’s really been quite a long time since I truly sat down and tried to think of how I’d be described in casual conversation because, eh, why bother?  (Is that cavalier of me?  It’s more laziness than that I think…)

But how terribly lovely, to be someone’s favorite person?  Perhaps I should be less sarcastic.  Perhaps too, one day, pigs will fly.

blazer: thrifted, cobalt jeans: Target, heels, Urban Outfitters, leopard belt: Charlotte Russe, polka dot top: Forever 21


  1. I'm the same way, I'm not sure I'm anyone's favorite person. But goodness, I do miss having best friends.

  2. LOVE those shoes!

  3. This outfit is adorable! I need to go to target and get some colored pants. I'm hoping that I'm my husband's favorite person. Beyond that I'm pretty sure no one would say that about me.

  4. Love the blue pants and now I want a pair for myself! You brought up an interesting concept, can't help but think about who would pick me as their favorite now too xo

  5. haha. i have those. I've been on a crayola colored pants trip the past few months myself. first purplish blue, then yellow and light blue from the thrift store (holla) and then red for christmas from tar'get and then annnnoooother red pair from UO because they were five dollars, and if something is five dollars at UO it never matters if you have the same thing at home.

    and i love this post. same, i used to care when I was younger and now I can't care to a fault (not that I'm not nice) just that I have no problem telling everyone I meet that we get all of our veggies from the whole foods dumpster area or I think religion is terrible. social mores whaat?


  6. I honestly don't think anyone would say that about me either... Probably not even my boyfriend. He'd say Ash Ketchum was his fave person... Cause he can be that childish. Anyways, I just LOVE your neon blue jeans! they're awesome, just as your pretty heels! x

  7. Interesting post! I wanna be someone's favourite person too..

    Love the mix of colour and neutrals btw!


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