Saturday, January 28, 2012

Man Style


Last weekend when I, once again, coerced James into taking pictures, I also coerced him into being photographed because he just looked so stylish.  You know, why waste a good outfit?  He probably felt like an idiot, but it’s all good.

For a little James background, he went to a private school for high school.  So naturally he gravitates toward a preppier look and is definitely one of those guys who wishes he could wear a suit to work every day.  Then again, with the advent of Mad Men, I think a lot of men feel that way sometimes too.  So let’s bring the casual tie back, shall we?  I think it’s great!

club collared chambray shirt: Land’s End Canvas, corduroys: J. Crew, watch: Tissot, sunglasses: mall kiosk, belt: GAP, tie: Nautica, shoes: Dockers


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