Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Blues


If I never post another outfit again it’s because this is what I’m living in for the rest of my life.  I saw these jeans at Target right after Christmas and quickly decided that my brand new gift card was a sign from the heavens that I should buy the cobalt blue and the coral pairs.  Said gift card may have been intended for day-to-day necessities, but you and I know that’s all relative

Also, I’m possibly way behind on the whole knock-off Dicker boot thing, but good lord how I adore these little ankle boots!  I literally haven’t put another pair of shoes on since I got back to California.  I might just have an obsessive personality, come to think of it…


Switching gears, last night I was informed that we are having a gathering of people to watch the Patriots’ playoff game this weekend.  So really I shouldn’t even be sitting here typing or even bothering getting dressed at all because the apartment needs a deep cleaning in the worst of ways.  Not to mention that when the cleaning is done then comes the menu planning.  Being Lady of the Manor is so difficult, you know.

Well okay, not really.  Being a deep sea fisherman is difficult.

But lo, I have resolved to be a better hostess!  My mother is queen of all the hostesses and after spending the past few weeks with her, I realized I need to up my game.  Will the efforts go unnoticed to the boys I am surrounded by in California?  Most likely.  But oh it will make me feel so accomplished!

Football food suggestions, anyone?

cobalt jeans & brooch: Target, tee: Bella, blazer: thrifted, DIY glitter boots: Aldo Qualheims, ring: Forever 21, black jade bracelet: gift, bangles: Rose Bowl Flea Market


  1. Those jeans are amazing. I think I will head to Target and see if they have a pair for me. I doubt they will look as cool on me since I don't have those shoes though. Glad I found your blog.

  2. Okay, I have seen so many bloggers with these pants, so I went to Target to get some for myself and they looked horrible on me! I was so sad! Plus, their sizes were way off, so I have to get three sizes bigger than I normally would, and no girl likes that.

    I'm glad they worked for you, though! You look adorable (as always)

  3. @brittanyisabird don't feel bad, from what I've heard the sizing is WAY off. I too had to go up to a size that would have depressed me had I not known this ahead of time. They're also kind of low-waisted, so definitely not for everyone. I have a feeling other stores will jump on the bandwagon with more universally flattering cuts soon! :)

  4. wicked pants. i have one in red. YEY

  5. I got those jeans in purple! Like Brittanyisabird, I had to size up an obscene amount, but I love them! And your boots look great!

  6. I have another blog friend that has a pair of skinny jeans just like this and I'm sort of in love. I seriously think I need a pair of bright colored skinny jeans.

  7. the DIY glitter booties were your best idea ever. I love them so much.
    and you got coral jeans too?? I'm envious already and i haven't even seen them.

  8. Now I want me some cobalt blue pants!

    Love the photos.. so fun!


    Twenty York Street

  9. ohhh, love this outfit! i saw those same pants in red but my husband thought i was nuts for even considering trying them on! boo on him! I am gonna go back and get some. new goal for 2012 - buy {and wear} red pants. :)


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