Friday, December 2, 2011

Urban Cowboy-Girl


Upon seeing this outfit James was all, “You look like a cowboy-girl.”  Naturally this led me to ponder the meaning of this carefully selected term (because I’m pretty convinced that when people talk to me they carefully select their words… I may be deluded here).  I mean what is the difference between a cowboy-girl and a cowgirl?  I’m tempted to believe that a cowboy-girl is more of a cowboy groupie, one who gets a little bit country for her man.  A cowgirl proper is country and hardy all on her own.

Ultimately he was saying I was a hanger-on.  So: insult!

That’s just a little glimpse into the female mind for y’all.

Speaking of y’all, I recently caught an episode of Paula Deen where she was cooking with Jimmy Carter and I must deem it the best Paula Deen episode of them all.  Most people would address a former president of the United States of America as ‘Mr. President’.  Not Paula.  The laws of the world and physics and coronary circulation don’t apply to this woman.  She referred to him as ‘Mr. Jimmy’ and I’m pretty sure she is the only human being who can pull that off.

I think I’m going to start referring to James as ‘Mr. Jimmy’ in a nice southern accent.  I’m sure he will find that hilarious.  I know I will.

chambray top: Aeropostale, corduroys: Lands End Canvas, floppy hat: Luxury Divas, booties: Modcloth, necklace: thrifted, bracelet: Bohemian Spirit Jewelry


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  1. Hahah, I have not seen that episode, and now I must!
    i would love to be around you calling james mr jimmmy. I can just imagine you with a huge smile totally enjoying his looks of disdain.

    Chic on the Cheap

  2. Girl, you look beautiful. :) Twitter

  3. HA - i was chuckling through this whole thing. cowboy-girl? what does it even MEAN? hanger on, you think? i dunno but its funny nonetheless to say again and again.

    the cords with the chambray is super cute - but the hat totally makes the outfit. love.

  4. Mr. Jimmy... I love it! And I love your hat as well!

  5. The hat is gorgeous!Great post!

  6. Love love love your outfit....such a cute hat :)

    The Other Side of Gray

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  8. Just saw this post! Wow you look awesome! Thanks for wearing Bohemian Spirit Jewelry :) makes my heart smile when I see someone wearing my designs.

  9. Just saw this post! Wow you look awesome! Thanks for wearing Bohemian Spirit Jewelry :) makes my heart smile when I see someone wearing my designs.

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