Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Plea to the Masses of Sweatpants


My apologies for the lack of posting recently.  I’m a classic last-minute-doesn't-know-what-to-get Christmas shopper, so the past week or so has been filled with aimlessly wandering around southern New Hampshire in the hopes of stumbling across some inspiration.  However, on my journey I have noted a pandemic that has deeply disturbed me:

Last Minute Christmas Shopping Sweatpants Syndrome


People, I get it, the last thing you want to do is think about what you’re wearing, but please take the fifteen seconds out of your day and put on some real pants.  It’s not that hard.  Any pair of ‘made for public’ pants will do.  The amount of dignity it will save you is worth it.

Now this isn’t normally an outfit I’d put on here, but I just wanted to show you that this concept isn’t on par with advanced calculus.  Grab a sweater, put on a pair of pants, maybe add a little deliberate half tuck-in of your top.  Hats were invented for unwashed hair and throw on any necklace you see.  BAM, you’re done.

I mean, Victoria Beckham isn’t going to be fawning over your outfit any time soon… but you are leagues beyond the rest suffering from LMCSSS (also Mrs. Beckham has to be uncomfortable like 98.9% of the time).  Plus I find that last minute Christmas shopping is a veritable small-talk minefield.  Do you really want to be in sweatpants when you run into 85% of your graduating high school class??

sweater, belt & necklace: Forever 21, corduroys: Lands End Canvas, hat: handmade, watch: Fossil


  1. Awesome outfit! I love the necklace! :)


    Sweat pants are for working out, not shopping, eating out, going to the movies or ANYTHING else that you can think of.

    Ditto for PJ bottoms...

  3. And that is why today when I went shopping I put on my new super cute trouser jeans from Old Navy =-)

  4. Haha - I really just don't understand why putting on jeans is so much harder than putting on sweatpants??

    My favorite is when someone has their hair and make-up done, but then sweats...

  5. Last minute christmas shopping sweat pants syndrome can be quite chronic, I suffer too! :)

  6. i couldn't agree with you more! to me, it would take just as much effort to put on a pair of jeans or a nice top as it would sweatpants. i think you look fantastic!

  7. Ok, I've just fallen in love with you. A) You're hilarious, B) Your outfit looks great, and C) I completely agree, Sweatpants and pajama pants should never be worn outside the bed or the gym.


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