Saturday, December 17, 2011

Of Late…

For the past week I’ve just been chilling in New Hampshire, musing over the New Englandness of it all and being pleasantly surprised by the non-sub-zero temperatures.  Here’s a little collection of instagrams I’ve taken… of mostly cats, but whatever.

photo (75)photo (69)photo (70)photo (73)photo (74)photo (71)photo (72)photo (76)

A stark contrast in plane reading material, a colorful crochet gift, my utter excitement over the large bags of Smartfood here, a very sleepy old kitty, James asking for fashion advice and making adorable faces (I’m sure he’ll be thrilled I posted these), my cute little Nala

Just fyi, I’ll still be posting, but my interaction will be lower than normal.  So much to do and see while I’m here!  Though I’m sure it’s the same for everyone during the holiday season!


P.S.  There was a little feature on me on the blog District Dress Up yesterday that was really sweet!  (Thanks Abbey!!)  You can click here to read it.


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